VMC Renton, Washington: where death happens and no one seems to care

If a friend or loved one stays at Valley Medical Center...have someone stay there 24-7

I apologize for not posting anything sooner, I am waiting on legal advice to confirm what I am able to post on a blog/website as far as documentation collected during my son's stay at UW Valley Medical Center (for the side links). I think you will find this information very interesting, helpful and sad.

Back on November 9, my son was admitted to UW Valley Medical Center (VMC) in Renton, Washington through their emergency room. My son had classic symptoms of gallbladder distress, the hospital identified pancreatitis later that evening.

When the hospital over-sedated him they had to "intubate" him which means gave him a respirator to breathe. Within days we were told VMC found 4 antibiotic resistant bacteria growing in his lungs (MRSA, Enterobacter, Burkholderia and Pseudomonas) ~ obviously from the respirator and no infectious disease controls being followed.

What happened over the next 68 days in their Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was horrific and an experience no one should ever have to go through. We saw everything from a lack of tie-in, limited communication with the doctors, medication errors, infection disease controls not being followed, arrogance to 2nd opinions, procedures that had to be repeated (not done correctly the first time - and we were never told), the list goes on.

My son eventually died from the bacteria causing pneumonia and eating through his body, the hospital not giving him the University of Washington (UW) recommended drugs to treat the bacteria and tons of toxic contraindicted drugs. Mark also had gallstones (none of the doctors bothered to read the ultrasound report) - which caused his pancreatitis.

As a mother, I want to get the word out so this never happens to someone else. I will use this forum to post various articles (written by me) on VMC practices I observed during my son’s hospitalization. I kept very good notes and want to share those with everyone. Please feel free to post your experiences here so we can get the word out. Think very carefully, and read some of my posts, before you or a loved one is admitted into UW VMC.

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  1. I am so sorry that these horrific mistakes were made. What is being done to hold this institution accountable?

    So sorry for your loss.

  2. I am going to do my very best to ensure that no more hospitals can operate with complete immunity. I will have a lot of my links complete by this weekend with all the data filed in. And yes, if you are over the age of 18, single with no dependents, you are at the mercy of the hospital, and legally they are not held accoutable. Please share this with any mother you know.

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    There is a mothers organization that is trying to reach you but there are no emails or any other way of contacting you privately. Why not put up a dedicated gmail emall address?

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    Mary Ellen is trying to reach you. She is one of the leaders of one mothers advocacy group. And there are certainly others.

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    Everyone in this world wants to have someone to blame. This way we never have to point the finger at ourselves. Since you are apparently much smarter than any doctor, why didn't you treat mark yourself??? Mark had a complex medical history. It wasn't like he walked in with a cold and just died. Move on with your pathetic life.

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    Someone should follow you around your place of work and blog about all the issues there. I would love to read that you fruit cake.

  7. Ok, I had to laugh when I read the post above trying to criticize me. Talk about totally oblivious to anything other than themselves, the words selfish and pathetic came to mind.

    “Someone should follow you around your place of work and blog about all the issues there. I would love to read that you fruit cake”

    You gave yourself up Scooter! You are about 60 years old, a nurse and obviously work at VMC! No one uses the term “fruit cake” any longer (a homosexual male, one sandwich short of a picnic, quite insane, etc.)! Ok, now I’ll stop laughing.

    Now, think back…
    I sat in Mark’s room (#403 in the corner) all 68 days to be with him. I never followed anyone around. My blog is what I saw and heard while sitting in his room and reading his medical records (and meetings/discussions with VMC doctors and staff). Had I followed you around that 68 days I’m sure my blog would be HUGE. If I came up with 40+ pages of findings in just Mark’s care alone can you possibly imagine what else I would have uncovered?

    The sad part in all of this is that YOU are only worried about yourself and the mistakes I saw you make. Never mind that those types of systemic errors killed my son, you are totally numb to death and should not be working in a hospital.

    What the VMC staff is also missing in all this is that you work in a so-called regulated industry. Each day, each patient, everything you do should be done in accordance with the regulations and VMC internal processes. You should treat each patient as if they have HIV; each procedure (and clean up) should be thorough and sterile. You should be audited and perform self-assessments all the time. Why don’t you guys get it; you think you above the law.

    I would welcome the opportunity to be audited on a daily basis. It would be fun to have an auditor follow me around and document everything I do. The only way you can fix a broken process or systemic issue is to hear from others (be audited), take that advice (listen and build a corrective action plan), and improve (revise the processes – give training) based on the findings. BTW, I am a certified, 3rd party Quality System internal auditor so be glad I’m not working at VMC. Obviously, you are doing something wrong in your job which is why you are so “irritable” about getting audited from someone outside of the health care industry. Maybe it’s time for you to move on to another profession.

  8. My comment to the above post:

    "Everyone in this world wants to have someone to blame. This way we never have to point the finger at ourselves. Since you are apparently much smarter than any doctor, why didn't you treat mark yourself??? Mark had a complex medical history. It wasn't like he walked in with a cold and just died. Move on with your pathetic life."

    You are obviously a doctor working at VMC and nailed it right on! What is so pathetic about your comments are that if Mark had been YOUR son these errors would not have happened. I can only imagine what you would have done being in my shoes.

    “Everyone in this world wants to have someone to blame. This way we never have to point the finger at ourselves.”

    Your statement is so true of the VMC ICU doctor arrogance, lack of basic project management skills and the inability to have a tie-in system in place to support a working quality system and ensure patient safety and health. I can count the number of times your statement above was used (it’s not my fault); I’m sure the “finger pointing” continues and a process is now in place at VMC to define how this “rolls downhill” to the patient (customer). It has to be the patient’s fault because they got sick (never mind all the medication and procedure errors along with giving Mark 4 bacteria, all of which was preventable and all of which caused his death).

    I also think you need to put down the crack pipe (which is in violation of RCW 18.130.180); we all know who and what is to blame in this tragic hospitalization and the loss of Mark’s life. I guess you haven’t read the medical records (yet).

    “Since you are apparently much smarter than any doctor, why didn't you treat mark yourself???”

    I never said I was smarter than “any doctor” however; it does appear I am smarter than some that work at VMC. I have had the great honor of working with some very talented doctors on the “Seattle’s Best Doctors” list (voted by their peers as being the “cream of the crop”). I did my research before selecting them for my families care; not just taking the first appointment based on what my insurance would pay for. I’ve even had a chance to discuss the issues I bring up in my blog with some of them.

    BTW, VMC does have a couple great nephrologists that could hold their own in the real world; I’ll bet in the years to come I will find them on the Seattle’s Best list and no longer working at VMC. The same comment applies for the night shift ICU nurses, some nurses on day shift and some of the respiratory folks. Great people, very talented, personable and knowledgeable; they even read Mark’s chart (unlike most of the doctors). They too will move on.

    Mark would have had a better outcome had I been allowed to have him transferred; Mark would have also stood a better chance having our dog’s vet treat him in his veterinary clinic. Great vet, his father also died at VMC because of medical errors. My vet and I have discussed this blog in great detail; I’m sure he would never hire a VMC ICU doctor to work at his practice.

    Mark’s medical history wasn’t that complicated; it got complicated because of VMC systemic errors. Since you are a doctor go back and read Mark’s medical records; the data is there and you’ll see what you missed. If I found it, why can’t you?

    Finally, I feel sorry for you since you are a doctor and missed the points entirely. You have a systemic issue at VMC. If you think bringing up these types of major medical errors is pathetic, then I will remain that way and continue to be a loud voice in the health care community and upcoming reform. Continue down your “trickle all blame down to the patient’s getting sick” and see how that will work for you, and VMC. Hopefully, the regulatory world will give you the training you obviously need. At least there are other non-regulated industries you could find a job in that doesn’t involve caring for patients. Good luck to you, you really need it.

  9. Anyone who has the time & the inclination to mock a person who has lost a child like this has serious problems. Their motivations could only be that of a medical staffer that cannot handle the truth ~ that their beloved world where they do something between socializing and sloppy work earns them the right to a paycheck should instead be a frightening wake up call.

    It must be systemic. Doctors and medical staff alike are not holding one another accountable therefore the industry is seeing more and more 'death by hospital stay' all around the nation. This has got to stop! We are not a 3rd world country and certainly we supposedly have some of the best minds in medicine but seemingly it doesn't transfer to hands ON THE JOB from top to bottom or vice versa.

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  11. Doctor, You are not well and have psychiatric issues (i.e. you are either a doctor or a teenager – a teenager would never put this type of energy into a blog about medical errors). I have a recommendation for you. You need to contact one of your own - UW Valley Medical’s neurologists Dr. Joy Zhao – the same neurologist you all picked for Mark. Scared? Why? Don’t worry as I’m sure she will do a “fine job” with you just as she did for Mark. Per Dr. Joy Zhao, you are “brain dead” and need to be put on “Comfort Care.” Just talk to your nurses and “doctors” and I’m sure they will work out a personalized plan for you. You need help.
    And you are right about 1 thing – all doctors see medical errors as 20/20 in hindsight – how can you live with yourself?

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    YOU dropped the ball. YOU don't sit around and wait for one doctor to contact another one and discuss the case. When YOU want a second opinion, YOU find a doc you want to review the case, YOU get the records/info to the second doc and let him/her make their impression independent of any other doc. It's YOUR job to find a doc you respect and can work with. YOU find a doc who will accept the pt as a transfer. It's no wonder no other doc nor Swedish would accept your son nor even acknowledge receiving a referral for transfer. They would be walking into a lawsuit or libelous blog entry. You are incorrect when you say there were med errors because ALL drugs have potential side effects & interactions; it is not a med error to give a drug that has potential side effects. All opiod pain & sedation meds have the potential to depress respirations; that doesn't mean it's a med error to give it. I've never seen such an outrageous note on a whiteboard. It's no wonder people wouldn't make eye contact with you. Just from the picture of your son on HD I can guess he had pre-existing CKD and...? And I do not work at VMC. And I'm not mocking you, your pain is evident.

  13. Well Anonymous, I won’t mock YOU either. When a person is seeking a second doctor opinion, AND THEY ARE NOT HOSPITALIZED IN AN ICU, what you write above is what EVERYONE knows to do. In this day and age, the Public isn’t ignorant. When most of us go to see a doctor WE have already done our research. WE know where the doctor went to med school, we have searched for doctor/hospital affiliation reviews and WE have looked at relevant position papers published. Within minutes of seeing the doctor WE know if they are “hired” or “fired.” Get used to it, and the public’s opinion, healthcare IS a business. I’ll bet YOU also believe that the Public believes the “Seattle’s Best” Doctors List, hospital ratings (in Healthgrades, US News, etc), and the State of Washington Adverse Event reporting log - all any of them do is give the public a false sense of security (there are serious issues with the data - the errors are not being reported as it isn’t enforced).

    What YOU don’t understand is that when YOU are HOSPITALIZED it is totally impossible to get a second opinion from a doctor affiliated with a different hospital. I know this because I did all YOUR steps above. In Mark’s case, Swedish didn’t want to “clean up Valley’s mess” and get involved. VMC Risk Management even stated this in the investigation report. YOU obviously haven’t been there or done it – I have.

    YOUR comments: YOU find a doc who will accept the pt as a transfer. I hate to break this to YOU scooter, but this is not how a transfer works – the Hospitalist, Social Workers and Transfer Centers work this, or at least that is what I was told. If YOU are a Social Worker and actually believe this, YOU might want to read the process again.

    YOUR comments: It's no wonder no other doc nor Swedish would accept your son nor even acknowledge receiving a referral for transfer. They would be walking into a lawsuit or libelous blog entry.

    That is an interesting comment for YOU to make. If VMC had allowed Mark to transfer to Swedish YOU are saying Swedish could have been sued? How could Swedish be sued when they didn’t cause the errors? Or are YOU saying if Swedish had saved Mark that both VMC and Swedish would be held liable?

    Note: Mark’s transfer went all the up to the Financial Director of Swedish to approve (per Michele Bohl, Social Worker at VMC – who had never seen this happen before). Bottom line was that “there was NO financial incentive for Swedish to accept Mark because (as I was told) the DRG (monies allotted for a diagnosis) had run out.” VMC’s statement was in direct conflict of what Medicare told me later. This had nothing to do with Swedish walking into a Lawsuit/Litigation; this blog would have never been set up had my son not died because of medical errors and I had not documented such systemic issues at VMC. It is amazing that VMC is still in the “healthcare” business – any other business would have already had their doors closed by the regulatory. Nothing about this blog is libelous – it’s all facts and data – and backed by my notes and the medical records.

    Your comments: You are incorrect when you say there were med errors because ALL drugs have potential side effects & interactions; it is not a med error to give a drug that has potential side effects.

    Again Scooter, YOU are incorrect. Medication errors occurred. I’m not talking about a side effect from a drug – I am talking about Toxic Drug Interactions with opiod/opiates/benzos and a history of taking an MAO inhibitor, 2C9 Inhibitor (poor metabolizer) precautions that were ignored, giving Mark drugs that were contraindicated with the VMC bacterial infections (Dexamethazone), giving Mark drugs that were contraindicated with pancreatitis and gallstones, etc. Do YOU know anything about long-time use of MAO inhibitors and giving a patient opiod/opiates and benzos and the toxic interactions that can occur? Obviously not – I saw it live.


  14. (continued)

    Very good point Anonymous! Yes, opiods and sedation meds do have the potential to depress respirations – when you couple those with a history of MAO inhibitors you’ve got serious toxic interaction issues. I will always wonder why the VMC doctors couldn’t get “their heads” around this fact.

    YOU have never seen such an outrageous note on a whiteboard because YOUR child wasn’t or hasn’t been hospitalized at VMC. We couldn’t believe WE actually had to write stuff down for the staff – I have never had to do that before. It’s almost like none of the doctors were talking to each other; we know that they weren’t reading anything. That’s probably why the doctors came to me and asked me when procedures were done – they knew I had all the facts and data (and my laptop) at hand.

    YOU need to go out there and read some of the medical journals on eye contact. When doctor – patient eye contact is made it represents confidence, honesty and authority. Actually, I have NEVER had a Swedish doctor not make eye contact with ME – or actually ANY other doctor (other than VMC) for that matter. Confidence, honesty and authority…hmm, guess that answers YOUR comment.

    In summary, I am not mocking YOU - YOU simply don’t know what you are talking about. Thank heavens you don’t work at VMC, they don’t need any more problems. Have a nice day.

  15. mangoenigma1:14 PM

    Hell hath no fury than that of a Momma bear. Keep on keeping on. Put all the time and energy into it you need, He was your baby. We Mom's get it ! ((((hugs))))

    1. Right on and spoken so well! I knew the mom's would get it - not the doctors!

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    Dear Mom:
    I hope you are able to find some peace with your immeasurable loss. But sadly, even if you finally prove that all of these doctors were wrong and that mistakes were made, you will be in the right, but you still won't have your son back. My heart aches for you as you strive to cope with your loss, and I hope someday you are able to relegate it to a part of your life where it does not dominate all other aspects of life. May you find peace in the midst of trying make things better for others in your own way.

    1. Maybe mothers that have lost their children due to preventable medical errors cope differently than men and women that no children or experienced this tragety. Maybe the health care community is numb to all this? Have you ever heard of other mothers namely Helen Haskell and Patty Skolnik that have lost their children due to medical errors? They spend all their lives working to promote patient safety by sharing what went wrong – is this wrong and a waste of their time? I don’t think so. Did this dominate their life? Yes, and it’s saving people. While I do appreciate your comments - you don’t know me personally and have no idea if this has dominated all other aspects of my life or not. I haven’t even put a lot of time into this blog. Maybe behind the scenes of all this I’m out there still volunteering my time and monies to worthy causes; maybe I am out there in a variety of patient safety forums trying to make a difference?

      You are correct – Mark will never come back – but a lot of people in this world will know what happened to Mark and who Mark was. By the way, comments like yours make me want to devote ALL my energy into awareness of what is going on. Thank you again for your comments.

  17. Anonymous11:32 PM

    I feel bad for your loss. I wish you could redirect the enormous amount of energy you're putting into this blog into something more productive and healthy. If you truly believe your son was killed by a nosocomial infection acquired during a procedure, then focus on proving that. Once proven, then focus on getting a change in practice implemented. If any of your assertions are true, the details are lost in a flurry of irrelevant information mixed with sarcastic, unnecessary personal insults. There are some reading this who might believe every word you say, then there are others such as myself who know there is more to this story. Your writings clearly show that not only do you not know what you don't know, but you believe you know more than the medical team did. That's a dangerous state of mind to be in. Redirect your anger and energy into proving your claims properly!

    1. Anonymous5:23 PM

      Your Son was 30 and was on Dialysis. He was immune compromised way before entering the hospital. It's not like he showed up healthy. It is sad how angry you are and how much time you will waste in vengeance. Your medical knowledge is limited and this blog makes you look less than sane. Never a plus when trying to make any case. Did I read somewhere you compared your Vet or animal Dr. To an ICU doctor? Now that is nuts, sorry. I hope you find peace otherwise you will die yourself from the madness you have consumed yourself with.

    2. Anonymous,

      Sorry it’s taken a bit to respond to you but I am a very busy person. I work a full time job in a Quality organization (yes, I audit and deliver metrics), volunteer with a local patient safety organization, had an interview with some University of Texas Researchers (2 hour root cause analysis that confirmed what happened to Mark – they came to the same conclusion I did), am engaged with Consumer’s Union on prevention of medical errors (Consumer Reports www.safepatientproject.org ), am finalizing a plan on Adverse Event Reporting (actually, the lack of), and stay engaged with another patient safety organization called Mothers Against Medical Error (MAME). I hate to inform you, I have not put an enormous amount of energy into this blog.

      The information that I have posted on this blog are notes I took while Mark was hospitalized at Valley. I validated my notes against the medical records that your staff provided to me. I then searched the internet to find similarities with other patients that have died. Then I confirmed my all this with other REAL Healthcare “PROFESSIONALS” and lawyers from extremely credible agencies. The facts and data set me “FREE.”

      I received an email from an RN named Susan who suggested that I format the pages so that an average reader can understand more easily what happened to Mark. Your comment: then there are others such as myself who know there is more to this story. If Susan missed this (and you know it) I do need to make some changes. This is in work.

      It’s also very interesting of the timing of your note and an email I received from a Clinical Microbiologist. This person gave me a huge amount of information than I was unable to get out of our State of Washington Epidemiology Department and locate on the internet. I thank this person immensely.

      If I have sarcastically and personally insulted you – please send me an email to karieturn@comcast.net. I will consider removing my statement, apologizing to you on this blog and send you a card and flowers. If this had happened to your child – you would be worse. Since you have children, I think you understand me.

      Anonymous – what’s more dangerous? A hospital that realizes they will lose revenue if preventable medical errors don’t happen OR a patient advocate that wants to save others from the same fate as Mark?

      Anonymous – what’s more dangerous? A doctor that realizes if preventable medical errors don’t happen in his hospital and he may be laid off OR a patient advocate that wants to save other from the fate as Mark?

      If you need more clues to answer these please send me an email.

      I will take this as a personal challenge and DEVOTE ALL MY ENERGY AND TIME into this blog – it won’t be hard proving anything as the data is already there.


      I hope at some point to can relieve your anger problems though healthly and more productive means – LIKE SAVING PATIENTS. Send me an email and we will talk.

      Virtual hugs and kisses, Karie

    3. Anonymous11:53 PM

      If your son was on dialysis which he was, you noted he went to NW kidney center, then he was compromised. I bet you don't even have a job in a real hospital. If you do it is probably the crappiest hospital ever. You are completely delusional. It even said you denied your son was diabetic. Do you think people are idiots. I would be enlightened to know what exactly your son was on dialysis for then but it does not appear you wish to divulge that kind of reality to the public. Now who is hiding the truth? Really? Swedish probably denied the transfer because they couldn't make money off your sons illness. Yet the people who treated him for 68 days and what sounds like bullied all the while don't care. You sound like a nightmare family to treat. You won't win because your son died from his medical condition and complications of that. Did you not know people on dialysis are extremely hard to medicate and avoid sedation because their kidneys don't work? It's like you talk but have no clue what the hell you are typing. You might be able to navigate a law or standard but you are no doctor and have google search engine medical knowledge. I feel sorry for the staff who had to deal with this kind of stuff for 68 days.

  18. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Oh I am no one you know and no one who treated your son. I just happen to be educated. Your story is not unlike many who have had love ones die in an ICU or be present in an ICU for long periods of time. Some choose to move on and leave a legacy and memories in a positive note. I have no clue what your crazy remark about the wiper blades is. You are paranoid everyone is out to get you or something. Do you really think those doctors and nurses have time to read your blog? You didn't think they had time to treat your son right why would they have time to read your novel? I hope you can remember your son someday in a much less horrid state that you are or you will never move on.

    1. You might have “education” - you desperately need Continuing Medical Education (CME). Is it possible that you are grandfathered in? I know that “prior to 1988 certification was granted for life.” Did you know that the new process requires 6 core physician competencies that include communication skills, professionalism, medical knowledge, patient care, practice based learning and improvement which includes the ability to measure and improve quality of care and system based practice?” These courses would be able to provide you more tools to deal with your tunnel vision. Unfortunately, the tools don’t include Project/Patient Management and they should.

      I never said I worked at a hospital – I guess you jumped to that conclusion, once again. I said I work in Quality (which encompasses both QC [Quality Control – compliance] and QA [Quality Assurance – audit, root cause analysis, corrective action planning, and closed loop corrective action to ensure the corrective action plan worked and the errors don’t occur again). Public data validates that hospitals do not have robust Quality systems in place - it should have been evident to you that I did not work at a hospital.

      Mark was “NOT” diabetic when he went into Valley. It’s interesting that Dr. George Heye of the Medical Quality Assurance Commission (MQAC) said this same thing in his investigative report. George Heye is wrong and never has read the medical records. For you to comment “It even said that you denied your son was diabetic. Do you think people are idiots.” I don’t think people are idiots – just you - A legend in your own mind and above being questioned.

      What you fail to knowledge – and the University of Texas (UT) has discussed with me and we agree, there was:

      No check and balance system at VMC.

      No working quality system with detailed policies, procedures and checklists at VMC. If they existed, they were not followed.

      No working regulatory compliance system – the errors were not reported to the DOH (i.e. Adverse Event Report) nor per the Federal requirements for an Infectious Disease Surveillance System (which includes a log of what bacteria patients get, how they got, etc.).

      Both UT and I agree the one error that caused the entire chain reaction leading to catastrophe was the toxic drug interaction between the MAO inhibitors and the Fentanyl/Versed. While Mark was going through medication withdrawal (another VMC error), that was not in itself the main driver for this tragedy.

    2. (Continued)

      It took me a few days but I went out and researched what a “compromised” patient actually is. The below list is what I located (and does not include all). In the nutshell –people that have to go in the hospital in the first place are compromised in some way or another. I am sure with each patient there is a protocol calculated by age, the original condition, the number of other conditions, etc. to see a figure of how compromised a patient is AND the precautions that need to be taken. This same information should be in the Healthcare Quality System procedures.

      Cardiovascular issues
      Children under the age of 5
      Going into the hospital
      Liver disease
      Joint replacement
      Kidney disease (including dialysis)
      Immunosuppresed – taking Prednisone and/or other drugs
      Infection - current
      Osteoporosis/bisphosphonate patients
      Pregnant women
      Surgery patients

      A 29 year old going into the hospital, and being a dialysis patient, is no excuse for all the errors. Mark should have never received the sedation in the first place as he was going through medication withdrawal NOT sepsis AND had a history of taking the MAO inhibitors. Mark was not the first dialysis patient that ever received sedation. Since the elderly, with diabetes and on dialysis, are the fastest-growing group on dialysis – I assume from what you are saying is that all hospitals give up on them. They are old and compromised.

      There is no excuse on why patients get bacteria from hospitals

      There is no excuse for medication errors

      This is no excuse for all the other errors

      There is no excuse of why there isn’t a set of Policies, Procedures and Checklists in place to ensure the patient is protected

      You are a prime example of “old” medicine. Don’t ask – don’t tell. Sweep it under the carpet. Cover up for a fellow doctor. Harass the whistleblower into submission. You probably also have no clue what “patient centered care is.”

      The sicker we, the public get, from hospitals - the more hospitals and doctors we need.

      You might as well get used to it and the public’s opinion, we want safer hospitals, we don’t want your bacteria, we want transparency, we want disclosure, we want errors analyzed so they don’t happen again and we want accountability. Healthcare has to change and be safer – safer than flying on an airplane or bungee jumping. Would I trust a pilot more than a doctor? You bet. Why does the aviation industry have reliable statistics but healthcare does not?

      BTW, the statement I wrote about the wiper blades came from the ICU Medical Director, Dr. Richard Wall, Valley’s finest. You mention this statement being “crazy” – at least we agree on one thing.